PhenQ Ingredients – Capsimax

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PhenQ is a dietary supplement designed and made in the USA. This sole purpose of this supplement is to help people reach their ideal weight and help the lead a healthy lifestyle. It does this in a natural way, by using only natural ingredients in its patented formula.

This product features a proprietary formula made from 100% natural ingredients. All the ingredients are extracted from organic plants and vegetables, and are blended together in specific proportions. All the ingredients in PhenQ have proven weight loss abilities, and have been clinically tested both individually and in various combinations in order to achieve the best blend.

The finished product is PhenQ, a revolutionary diet pill which is designed not only as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, but as a main way to keep your weight under control and achieve your fitness goals. All the ingredients featured in the PhenQ proprietary formula are listed on the official website and on each individual bottle of the product.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients featured in the blend, please consult your doctor before deciding to take PhenQ on a regular basis. This is a daily dietary supplement which can be taken for long periods of time, without and negative side effects or tolls on your health.

One of the main ingredients in PhenQ is Capsimax. This is actually a complex ingredient made from four different compounds, all with proven fat burning abilities. These compounds are capsicum, niacin, caffeine, and piperine.

After extensive clinical trials, the scientists at PhenQ have created this unique blend with the perfect proportion of each ingredient. It is intended to help you burn fat faster, even when you are not doing physical activity. Think of it as a metabolic boost for your entire day.

Capsicum is a substance found in hot plants, most commonly found in chilli peppers. It give the chilli peppers their hotness and increases the body’s natural ability to burn fat, from within. It is a metabolism booster and also helps you digest food faster when you take a capsule of PhenQ during or immediately after a big meal.

Piperine is added to the blend because it helps the body better absorb nutrients. You will be able to get more nutrients out of every meal, while at the same time better eliminating the excess fats or unwanted compounds from your food quicker.

Niacin is basically vitamin B3, and it is a stimulant for your cells. This means that it helps release energy from your fat cells, energy which you can then use to fuel up your entire day and be more available for the tasks you need to get done. Caffeine is also added to the blend in order to help you stay focused throughout your day, and to add to the energy boost that Niacin already provides.

All the ingredients combined for just a part of the patented PhenQ blend, and get you one step closer to your target weight and fitness goals.

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